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Call of Cthulhu 7th ed. Pregens for Dread From Geneva Lake


Goth cosplayer. VERY into costumes, fashion, and portraying famous historical figures with a dark undertone. Goes to any conventions they can, even some not featuring cosplay. EXUDES confidence but isn’t rude about it; very self-assured. An excellent role-player and is great at humorous impressions. Life of the party.


Musician/artist and electrical engineering trade school student. Has loved music and art - as well as video games - for as long as they can remember. Is easily distracted by “mundane” chores but is laserfocused when creating. Electrical engineering is a path to pay the bills while still being able to be artistic. Experienced conventioneer.


Quiet, a bit shy, but a gifted writer. Can sit quietly for a few minutes and mentally lay out an entire storyline for books. Works as an editor for the Lake Geneva Regional News and is local. Has been to all Gary Con® conventions, is a huge Gygax family fan, and has a semi-monthly podcast that discusses role playing games (loves to talk Call of Cthulhu!)


A military veteran of Desert Storm, recently taking up an interest in historical wargames. First-time convention attendee. A good strategist, also an extremely competent leader without being overbearing. Stereotypical “person you want in charge” when things go sideways.


Injured in a car accident at a young age, embraced all manner of tabletop role playing games to “pass the time in the chair”. Has been in a wheelchair since childhood and is quite skilled and maneuverable in it. Has trouble with stairs but cracks amazing jokes about it frequently. Has recently started attending conventions again after a long hiatus.


The typical gamer. Not the pop culture stereotype, just an “average joe” person who enjoys creating a scenario in their minds and enjoying a few hours with friends, or people who might become friends. Very easy going, is quick to offer help or encourage others. Is the first to lend a hand when someone drops their backpack or begins to lose papers out of their messenger bag. Goes to a few conventions every year but wishes they could go more often. If multiple players need a “generic” pregen, this one is a good choice to represent several characters.


A highly professional - if a bit stuffy - paralegal working on a law degree. Whip-smart, very observant, and an excellent judge of character. New to gaming, was turned on to the hobby by an ex-significant other, and it just stuck. Can be very intense, especially when problem-solving. Comes off as a bit cold at times, but that is a cover for a deep lack of self-confidence.

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