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Upcoming Products!

2021 is going to be a busy year for SGP.

Just in our own Lab, we have the Cryptocodex Kickstarting February 23rd to March 16th (my birthday!) This monster book is bringing you 50+ monsters from the upcoming Crypt of the SCIENCE-WIZARD setting (name TBD: also, see below), and includes such nasties as the attacktopus, the bulethe, a tri-rex (yeah, as bad as that sounds), and the titans, magical/technological giants of vast powers. This book is going to have stats for DCC and MCC, so whatever you play when classic-crawling, I got you!

After that, we're producing some MCC specific material. The Programmer's Workbook and the Healer's Handbook focus on the shaman and healer class, respectively. Look for new Patron AIs, new neural programs, and new items, as well as new medical supplies, new diseases that run rampant in the setting, and other malicious material. These books are 2 separate offerings, and look to Kickstart in the summer.

Halloween has a special offering we're trying to get finished up, an adventure pitting the characters against...well, we're just going to leave that as a tease for now. This will be a standalone adventure, 16-20 pages. If you have followed SGP or Skeeter Green in the past, you know this one is going to be crazy and sick and everything good Halloween adventures are supposed to be!

Were going to end the year with Crypt of the SCIENCE-WIZARD, Level 2 (title in work), probably Kickstarting in early October, hoping for a holiday delivery. Well see how 2021 goes before we commit.

2022 brings the Crypt of the SCIENCE-WIZARD Setting! More info and a way better title coming soon!

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