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Derelict's Diary book

Derelict's Diary book

Derelict's Diary is a SuppLement for the MöRK Borg game sYstem. It includes random tables, enhanCements, and 30 pre-generated doOmed souls to get you up and running quickly! CHECK IT OUT! 

Derelict's Diary is a blasphemous tome filled with additional options and enhancements for the core MÖrk Borg classes. Included are some random tables and charts to give you a false sense of security (fear makes the meat taste better). Add some spice with expanded tables for Weapons, Plundered Corpses, Phobias, Sanity, Scrolls (unclean and sacred), as well as expanded backgrounds/memories for all the core classes!

48+ pages of tables, charts, art, additional backgrounds, and more flavor to enhance the very short lives of the damned souls travelling through your MÖrk Borg scenario. 

The book is Wire-O bound on 100lb. paper with a 110lb. laminated cover. One thing we hate about gaming at the table is trying to hold open a book to the correct page. Now, with Wire-O binding, th book lays flat to show the page you need!

    $30.00 Regular Price
    $25.00Sale Price
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