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Derelict's Diary pregen pack

Derelict's Diary pregen pack

Idealized for convention, drop-in, and getting your game started quickly, pre-gen character sheets are ready to go. hand them out and you re playin'! Life and Death move pretty quickly in MÖrk Borg, so maximize your game time instead of generating characters. 

Each of the 30, 8 1/2" x 11" sheets is presented in full color on 80lb. gloss text paper. They should be more durable than the PCs! Each pack contains 4 pre-gens of each class (Fanged Deserter, Gutter Born Scum, Esoteric Hermit, Wretched Royalty, Heretical Priest, and Occult Herbmaster) as well as 6 generic PCs (referred to as Generic Non-Heroic Losers in our book). Thirty pages of doomed souls for the GM to crush beneath their feet!

    $30.00 Regular Price
    $25.00Sale Price
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