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Homesborough is an example of a stereotypical village starting point for the PCs that can be dropped easily into any campaign as needed. The village is stocked with NPCs to interact with, some vendors with basic resources available, and enough stability for the PCs to start their adventuring careers.


The village is not all-inclusive – magic shops and powerful wizards are not selling trinkets on every street – but there is enough space for such additions if it fits the campaign. Homesborough is the village supporting the “you meet in a tavern”
beginnings to game sessions, and is a well-run village with responsibilities and personal freedoms finding an equitable mix.


Most of the rules of the village are the inhabitant’s own morals and principles:
codified laws do not exist. Every occupant lives here for similar reasons; they want a nice, calm place to live, raise families, and enjoy their lives. They work together – arguments and disagreements notwithstanding – and help their neighbors when needed.


This 24 page book is designed to give a nice, easy-to-use starting village for most fantasy campaigns.

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