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Valley Out of Time - Exploring the Valley D/MCC

Valley Out of Time - Exploring the Valley D/MCC

The Valley Out of Time is a series of 'zine-sized adventures from SGP. This valley can be placed in any ongoing campaign, and is set in the "Neanderthal Period" of development. Huge monsters – both dinosaurs and otherwise – and devolved humanoids plague the area, and only the hardiest of adventurers will prevail! This series of adventures borrows heavily from classic dinosaur art, books, and movies; if you’ve ever seen a classic Frank Frazetta or Roy Krenkel painting, or read or watched The Land that Time Forgot, The Lost World, Journey to the Center of the Earth, One Million Years B.C., The Flintstones, any stop-motion film from Ray Harryhausen, etc., you’re going to feel right at home.


Exploring the Valley, is a 30 page zine expanding the Timeless Valley. It provides 3 pre-set encounters, 6 new “monsters”, and 40+ random encounters covered in over a dozen pages of details! It expands the GM’s information of the region, and is suitable for 4-6 PCs of 2nd-5th level.

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