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"Go Forth and Conquer"

SGP UNCENSORED is an inside look into the people involved in fantasy roleplaying games. Whether you’re a first time player or a seasoned expert, we’re sure that our high-quality content will improve your gaming experience.
Want to learn about recent releases? Want to hear from the writers and artists behind your favorite products? Or helpful guides for your favorite game?


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Mudpuppy Games - Jim Wampler

Mudpuppy Games

Conventions We LOVE!

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Total Confusion

Welcome to Total Confusion! 
Your mission is infiltrate the TotalCon Game Convention for all 4 days. You will encounter a wide variety of scoundrels, gangsters, and villains But there will also be some heroes, warriors, and champions in the mix. Your job is to go undercover and join group, blend in and help deliver the antidote to what ails them: BOREDOM. If you are successful, many people will get to play games, see friends, make memories, and have fun. Start preparing.

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